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“There are no limits to our opportunities when we follow our passions - so dare to dream big. 

I'm just getting started" 

There are no limits for the passionate, innovative, and studious, Kayla Nicole Root.  She juggles daily to fit in her work, school, modeling, acting, pageants, hobbies, interests, and life adventures with friends and family.  A full time student at Penn State University in State College, PA, Kayla is working on a dual major in microbiology and physics with the goal of becoming a veterinarian and animal health correspondent. “I’d like to be the next Dr. Pol,” Root says.  “He’s amazing in his vast knowledge about all types of animals, and he approaches his work with a caring spirit and desire to help everyone.  I’m so inspired by him.”  Kayla’s is well on her way to fulfilling this career goal, starting with her role as a Client Relations Specialist at an Emergency Veterinary Hospital.


In addition, Kayla Root is United States of America’s Miss Pennsylvania 2019.  “I’ve competed in pageants off and on for nearly 10 years now.  It initially helped me with shyness, but over the years I’ve learned confidence, poise, public speaking, health and fitness, and how to think quickly on your feet,” Root explains, “The values of the pageant systems I engage with mirror my personal belief in the impact of unique experiences in driving the value of each individual.” 


Kayla founded her own non-profit, Beyond Equality Inc. several years ago in order to drive a more scientific approach to diversity education. “Experiences expand our world view, teach us courage, and help us to endure challenges in all areas of life,” says Root. “I grew up with a lot of passions that went against the norm, like muscle cars, archery, and a love of math and science.  I encountered a lot of resistance but my mom always told me to do what I love, no matter what.”  Root believes that the application of neuroscience will help society move beyond current diversity efforts. “We are scientifically “programmed” by our brains as a result of millions of years of evolution to seek out those that look and behave like ourselves. It’s part of the survival mode that encourages us to have preferences for features and behaviors most similar to our own, as a mechanism for preservation. Many of today’s diversity efforts fail because they simply tell us we need to change our behavior, but that is not always effective against millions of years of evolution.”


Root states, “What I am trying to do is to disrupt prior behavior (traditional thinking) and then apply a replacement behavior; seeking the value in individual experiences. Once we become curious about the experiences of an individual, we can find commonalities in them and then start to value them.  We need to move beyond tribalism in this country and realize we are all real people with so much to offer each other.” Kayla is adamant on her ability to make an impact. “That is how I hope to first utilize science to change society, and then later, I’ll be bringing my own approach to animal health and education.”

In addition to her studies, Kayla enjoys archery and fitness, modeling, acting, and public speaking.  She recently launched her own line of vegan certified hyper-shimmer lipsticks called GlowStix, under her own brand, Kayla Nicole Cosmetics ( 


Fashion, business, community service or helping animals, there’s no telling this human dynamo to curtail her interests.  “I have passion and energy to learn a wide variety of topics and find amazing connections that help me do everything better.  For example, the breadth of experiences I have in pageants and modeling have made me a better scientist.  I can confidently speak in public in front of large crowds of people, and this enables me to communicate more effectively.  And vice versa, fostering empathy for my animal patients and their owners in very difficult situations has enabled me to connect on an individual level and expand my listening skills.”


As to the future before her, Kayla is enjoying the journey, “I’m gaining such amazing experiences, I am very excited and looking forward to what comes next.”


To request an appearance with Kayla Nicole Root, please visit her on Instagram @kaylaroot77 or via e-mail at

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