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Beyond Equality, Inc.

In 2015, Kayla formalized her pageant platform to a non-profit, Beyond Equality, Inc.  Kayla used neuroscience to analyze why so many diversity education attempts fail and understood that behavioral change is not simply the act of stopping or starting.  It requires access to a person's thought and behavior patterns to be interrupted and replaced with a new pattern.  This means that in order to find value in diversity, an individual must find an associative value.  Kayla uses expansive individual experiences to drive this understanding.  She supports with scholarships, awards, and education.


Kayla is passionate about music.  She is self-taught on 10 instruments and believes that the love of music should begin early and should utilize all senses.  She donates hand bells so that every child in the classroom has an instrument to take home.  She teaches them a simple song so they experience reading music, singing, playing the bells, and dancing.  Her program is called Crash-Boom-Bang and she offers the program to any K-6 classroom and welcomes sponsors to support the purchase of instruments for the children.

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